Our journey into the South African Security Services market started in 2010, JC Security in South Africa brings expertise, innovation and intellectual property of a national security solutions provider. We are a company that transform our clients and our country by delivering innovative “Security Services that Works”, in South Africa and for South Africa.





To ensure your company remains in tune with the latest developments in the fast-moving innovative  age, we have designed an integrated portfolio with a focus on the four cornerstones – Security, digitization, Intelligent Systems and Power BI.

What makes JC Security proud? The success of our clients, the outstanding competence and passion of our employees, strong partnerships, and the loss mitigation and security success we have added to all our clients nationally.

We are driven to help you successful Secure your business – today and in the future. That is why we have adapted our portfolio to today’s requirements, ensuring that Security Solution transformation reduces complexity, saves costs, and makes day-to-day work easier safer and more secure across all areas of your business.

Our experts support security concerns for many types of corporate clients, from C level executives to security and compliance managers. JC Security takes a partnership approach with providing corporate security services, complementing the resources you require with our expert knowledge of the security industry best practices.